Shadows Under Elms

Click the link to start the adventure!

This quest is set in the world of “Dungeons & Dragons: The Forgotten Realms”. The adventure can last anywhere between 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the choices you make. It is designed to be integrated in larger narratives and as such contains various “exit points” where a player might be able to wander off and come back later to finish the quest.

I used this story to familiarize myself with different styles of interactivity for players, offering more or fewer options at certain crucial passages and making these choices more or less important to stimulate a player to reflect on their choices. Meanwhile, the storytelling attempts to remain as homogeneous as possible to smoothen out these transitions in gameplay.

This was my first deep-dive into creating games with Twine and looking back on it, there are many things that I would have done differently had I not started off with the Harlowe story format. Nevertheless, I am quite proud of how quickly it all came together. Because of the nature of branching narratives, I needed a bunch of bug-testing to iron out the kinks and I am thankful that I had my brother and a few good friends (you know who you are ;)) who were willing to sacrifice their valuable spare time for my cause.

I hope you’ll enjoy playing through this little dungeon crawl. If you encounter any more problems – though I sincerely hope not! – please do let me know in the comments.

Click the link to start the adventure!

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