Literary Prose

Flash Fiction from the Foundry

Eight pieces of silken storytelling.

Buzyges (excerpt)

There are cycles in this world that a man dare not disrupt: the sun, the seasons and love. Buzz is learning what it feels like to fall in love, while Buzyges has never seen winter before.

“Home” by Jakub Kozlowski.

Tycho (excerpt)

When you fall into a hole, it is imperative to get out. Not all holes show up as topography though.

Kala’duin the Prismatic (excerpt)

Nobody ever wondered why Kael’thas Sunstrider was such a surly young man, but – as with all questions of character – it suffices to look for answers in family history.

I abandoned this story years and years ago, but it will always hold a special place in my heart amongst all of the killed darlings.

Drifters (excerpt)

Mars and Stacey have been travelling all over the world along the vast network of Transit Company lodges that provide free hospitality. So far, their journey has been an idyllic one.

Ras Razorthorne

This is a character backstory I once made for a role-playing game based on the Warcraft property owned by Blizzard Entertainment. In this case, the setting was advanced by a century.

“Troll” by Yulia Gasnikova.

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